New Look Bingo – Promotional Offers that you Simply can’t Miss

23 Sep

I started to play bingo quiet a few years back and I have come across many bingo sites. I felt that difference in software, network, games etc makes each site different from the other. However sites under one network/software would have similar games and layout. So the obvious question now is how do we pin point a site which in spite of being on the same network like ten other sites still manages to be different. Well the obvious answer is the promotions and offers they have for their players.

As I said, I have been playing bingo for quiet a while now and know the kind of promotions these online bingo sites have. After much research I found New Look Bingo is one of those very few sites which stands out in terms of their promotional offers.

This online bingo site uses the Cozy Games software and is under the Live Bingo Network. Their promotions are unique and cool and I simply enjoyed each one of them. Here’s a sneak-peak:

Banish your Monday blues with a fun bingo session. How? Just join our super-friendly hosts for a chat game and win to double your bingo tickets only at New Look Bingo. In here there’s a party every day. On Wednesday’s do enjoy their Wednesday Walkovers. Well. who doesn’t love easy wins? Here’s your chance to load up on easy wins and free bingo bonuses. Just be one of the top three wagerers (both bingo and slots) on Wednesdays at given hours and walk away with £30 bingo bonuses! And, Friday’s just can’t get any better anywhere else – Load up your upcoming weekend with £10 worth free bets or bingo tickets. Just spend at least £25 on any of their bingo rooms or £50 on our exciting selection of slot games to win.

They also have weekly specials where you could be on the top every week to win a share of £210 cash. They’re rewarding their top players every week with cash prizes! Also keep an eye on their monthly offers where you could get the chance of winning some huge cash amounts! Lastly there are some cool chat games, special games for newbies and quizes.

There’s so much to do ta new Look bingo that I am sure you would love indulging in. So folks head on over and get the best of the New Look Bingo offers today! Hurry

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Free cards and Extra Bonus always gives you a higher leverage

23 Sep

Online Bingo sites is the fantastic place to hang around after a hectic day. It has now become a good time pass for all. Cutting to the chase, why would any one play in online bingo. There are 3 possible reasons to do so:


  1. Bonus – there are sites who allows you to experience extra fun when you play in these games here. If you make a £10 deposit then you might you get an extra £25 from the site to play in all their games ( welcome bonus or re-deposit bonus). Now, this is the major factor that keeps everyone going.
  2. Games – varieties of games helps you out in keeping interested in them. You will always want to try out other forms of bingo if offered.
  3. Promotions – monthly promotions keeps the players mood up and running. Because of these fun promotions, you get to play in other games if you haven’t tried yet out. Also team work in such games helps you winning bigger prizes.




Promotions have been designed for players like us to participate in all kinds of games. We are not surprised when we get to form teams sometimes by ourselves or by the site itself. It has always been fun to play in bingo and casino games. If you are looking out for sites where you get to play in all types of games due to good offers. Then you are in the right place to look around. Check out the GameVillage Promotions where we promise that you get to enjoy with some fun games. GameVillage Bingo is one of the popular sites where you get to play in wonderful unique games. You will not see that kind of online bingo games any where else. Try out their fancy Village Inn room, a 75 Ball Bingo room with hotballs to win or the 90 Ball Bingo rooms that lets you win with Supertickets. If you want to know what these special games are, then you better login soon to find out more what all these games are about. You could also play a combination of bingo and slots, that game is called Dingo, only played in Bingo .


Bingo is such a fun GameVillage promotions in which we promise you to have good fun and play the various bingo games here. All you need is a fun game where you get to shout out Bingo on the top of your lungs. Well, it’s time to get clickety click and start playing Bingo at GameVillage Bingo.

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Classic Bingo Vs Online Bingo.. I know the winner!

28 May

I started to play bingo about 10 or 12 years ago. It was a new game in my neighborhood at that time. A bingo room was just opened and I followed a friend because of my curiosity at first. So, I was in the room, game started and I was watching the peoples around me. Old or young, every player was very concentrated on the ticket checking the papers while the voice from the speakers was speaking very very fast. Whats that ?! It seemed like an impossible game at first. How are the peoples finding those numbers so fast ? Later I got it 🙂 and I started to play also. Small amounts usually. I made some friends in there and this game was soon one of my favorites until one day when they moved into another area. Sad story .. Still after a few years a new bingo game opportunity appeared for me. Online Bingo! I started to play online to see if game still offers me the same pleasure and the answer was .. YES. I found that online bingo its a lot better then the classic bingo

  • you meet a lot of peoples on bingo websites.. you have chat and community its great
  • bingo games are always available online.. it doesnt matters what hour it is
  • you have privacy and you play it from your favourte chair


What do you think ? Classic Bingo or  Online Bingo? Who know the winner? We might have different opinions but since I was telling you the fact that I like more the online bingo rooms here is a bingo website I visited recently and I really liked it. The name its easy to remember ..  You have fun and you can also win some cash.. great, isn’t it ? This is the site I’m recommending right now. I’m waiting your feedback!

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The Excitement Of The 90-Ball Bingo Game

21 Jan

90 ball bingo is such a fun game that is most popular in the UK. There are  different types of bingo that are being played all over the world and the most typical one is the 75-ball  on a 5×5 card where the center is marked as FREE.

The 90-ball bingo game is played on a 9×3 card. The card used here comes with 3 horizontal lines and 9 columns. For every line, players have five numbers which is equals to 15 numbers on the card. 1-9 numbers are found on the first column, 10-19 on the second column, 20-29 on the third up until the number 90.

A lot of people wonder how to play 90-ball bingo . The good news is that learning how to play is not hard to learn and at the same time, the learning process is so fun because after all, it’s a fun game! Usually, this particular bingo game is played in three stages:

  • One line – in this game, the players must mark a complete horizontal line across one card.
  • Two lines – in this game, a player must complete any two marked lines in a horizontal manner across one card.
  • Full house – this one means that the player should mark all the numbers off on one card.

When it comes to the price of this particular version, it differs depending on the stage of the 90-ball bingo game. Usually, if full house is the chosen stage by the players, one who gets the full house gets the biggest prize, as this stage offers the biggest prize since it’s the toughest stage of this bingo game.

You don’t have to go to a bingo hall to play especially if you’re not yet confident with your bingo-playing skills. There is always a 90 ball bingo online game that you can take pleasure in. In this case, you will find it much easier for you to practice your skills at playing this type of bingo game before you move on the expert level. When you’re a beginner, expect that you will be included in a game wherein everyone is a beginner, which means that all of you are still learning and it will be a great way for all of you to learn on your own.

Bingo is such a fun game that you should definitely try. In fact, a lot of people get addicted to it because it’s so much fun. The thrill that they get if the announcer will announce a number and a letter on their card is really exciting. The anticipation, the happiness and even the loss that you get from it will not dampen your spirits, but it will definitely motivate you to take your chance once again and play one more time. Ready to try  the 90-ball bingo?

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New bingo articles

15 Jan

We have been missing for a couple of months. In fact the blog was not allowing any posts. By some strange error we could not connect to our wordpress admin page. This morning we tried again and surprise.. Admin it was working. After we logged in the first thing to do was to update the script to it’s last version. Next the plugins..

Now everything is alright and we are ready to feed it with more original content as you, visitors requested

  • new bingo articles
  • new games (simple flash games)
  • bingo tips
  • bingo interviews
  • many other interesting bingo resources

Comeback soon. We are preparing new great stuff for all bingo fans


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About online bingo!

20 Jun

About online bingo.
Since we made a lot of progress in the technology has changed and the method of playing bingo, play bingo newest home, in front of the computer.

Methods are vast, it can play for money or play just for your enjoyment. The rules are the same, but it depends on which of the two methods you choose. Bingo is a game where you need a lot of luck, a lot of patience and the nerves of steel. There are very many cases where people play bingo and the lean on numbers, then all say they would have been if I’d put the number x, there are cases in which they made the random numbers and won. A similar case happened last week when a retired old man dreamed lucky numbers, as they call him and those he has put big surprise was when he saw it and the won. He remained silent awe and money earned can live their happy old age and the can leave a small fortune relatives. So whatever method of play, luck plays a major role in the killing. If you are lucky you can win not only once but you can do almost always. The fact is that these cases are quite rare.


Why I love Bingo?

17 Jun

Why I love the game of bingo?
Many people play bingo few times saying that luck will not hold them and never give up very easily. The best way to put a bingo ticket is but wait a few weeks and always look drawn numbers and then think about what could come, which could be lucky combination. It’s a great game to remember the bingo, but also a way to train your senses. Many people when they hear how much money is put in the middle thinking, I wonder what I’ll do when I win, but very few win, just for the reason that they earn the first. I do not think this will happen too soon since it is very difficult to guess the lucky numbers. Nothing compares to the thrill of waiting extraction, the moment you sit with ticket in hand and waiting anxiously to see if you got the numbers or not.

Well .. That being said I wish you luck and maybe I’ll manage to win if you did not already.

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