Classic Bingo Vs Online Bingo.. I know the winner!

28 May

I started to play bingo about 10 or 12 years ago. It was a new game in my neighborhood at that time. A bingo room was just opened and I followed a friend because of my curiosity at first. So, I was in the room, game started and I was watching the peoples around me. Old or young, every player was very concentrated on the ticket checking the papers while the voice from the speakers was speaking very very fast. Whats that ?! It seemed like an impossible game at first. How are the peoples finding those numbers so fast ? Later I got it 🙂 and I started to play also. Small amounts usually. I made some friends in there and this game was soon one of my favorites until one day when they moved into another area. Sad story .. Still after a few years a new bingo game opportunity appeared for me. Online Bingo! I started to play online to see if game still offers me the same pleasure and the answer was .. YES. I found that online bingo its a lot better then the classic bingo

  • you meet a lot of peoples on bingo websites.. you have chat and community its great
  • bingo games are always available online.. it doesnt matters what hour it is
  • you have privacy and you play it from your favourte chair


What do you think ? Classic Bingo or  Online Bingo? Who know the winner? We might have different opinions but since I was telling you the fact that I like more the online bingo rooms here is a bingo website I visited recently and I really liked it. The name its easy to remember ..  You have fun and you can also win some cash.. great, isn’t it ? This is the site I’m recommending right now. I’m waiting your feedback!

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